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Hospitality and Cruise Ships

Elevate the photo experience

Deliver pictures of each guest’s holiday directly to their smartphone and increase your sales, during and after their stay

We have worked with:

Photos delivered
1 B+
Partners among resorts, cruises and holiday destinations
160 +
Average sales increase
27 %

How it works

The guest experience

The guest takes a selfie to access their private album

Looks at the photos taken during the stay and adds fellow travelers to the album

Purchases and shares their holiday photos on social networks

How it works

A brand new way to deliver photos

Complete the setup and start uploading

Set a price list for photo packages and easily upload all the photos with a FTP transfer. GetPica automatically processes, sorts and delivers all content to the guests

Start selling right away

Guests access their photos via direct link, QR code or passcode and instantly get the albums for sale

Amplify vacation emotions on smartphones

Give your guests photographic memories of their vacation. With GetPica, each person gets access to a private album containing their own photos and those of fellow travelers, available anytime to relive their precious moments anywhere

Boost sales during and after stay

Enhances the guest’s purchase experience and maximize sales with an online marketplace:

Immediate website-based purchase experience trusted by over one million users worldwide

Exceptional checkout process, fine-tuned thanks to 200k+ marketplace transactions

Tailored marketing automation that extends customer lifetime value with up-selling and cross-selling strategies

Photo albums remain available online even after stay

Promote social media content creation by guests

8 out of 10 people find UGC more reliable than traditional advertising. Encourage guests to enjoy and purchase HD digital content. They will be the first ambassadors of your brand, sharing their wonderful experience on social networks

Integrate your photo distribution system

GetPica provides APIs to easily integrate our solution with your existing software or photo distribution outlets, saving processing time and boosting use of the product among visitors

Protect the guests’ privacy

GetPica applies the highest security standards and is GDPR compliant . Each user receives only the photos in which they are portrayed and decides whether and how to share their album

Monitor ongoing revenues in real time

Track your photo service performance and sales trends on the designated dashboard. Reports update you in real time on album accesses, photo purchases and the impact of tailored marketing automation

Engage your audience and enhance the value of your event. Start now

1000+ companies in over 40 countries have chosen GetPica and revolutionized the way magical moments are delivered to guests through photography. Join them