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Fan Experience

Make the fan experience memorable

Give fans only the photos in which they appear during the game. Discover new opportunities to increase revenues from sponsorship and fan engagement

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How it works

Fan Experience

The fan scans a QR code or opens a link and accesses their private album with just a simple selfie

Looks at their pictures and promotional content of the event

Download and shares their photos on social networks

How it works

Event organizer

Catch the fan emotion

Arrange the photo shoot and take photos of fans during the game in the mode of your choice: with Skycam, photo teams or Photo Booth.

Instant photo delivery

Upload photos to GetPica cloud with a simple drag and drop. GetPica’s AI automatically processes photos and safely delivers to each fan  only the photos in which they appear.

Make the fan feel like a star

Deliver in real time to each fan his or her photos during the game collected in a personalized album and give them an innovative and engaging experience.

Build a dedicated CRM with fan data

Collect profiled fan contacts and leverage the information to create new re-engagement strategies on your audience.

Lots of opportunities to monetize with your sponsors

You have full control of all published content and keep 100% of advertising revenue thanks to a user-friendly platform with unlimited application

Brand/sponsor applied to photos

Photos and promotional videos
within the album

Advertising banners

Gathering contacts

Protect your fans, sponsors and the organization

Choose a secure and 100% GDPR-compliant who does not publish photos of fans online.

Measure the success of your event

Monitor the progress of the photo shoot and audience engagement on the confidential dashboard. Reports update you in real time on social shares and leads acquired.

Engage your audience and enhance the value of your event. Start now

1000+ companies in over 40 countries have chosen GetPica and revolutionized the way magical moments are delivered to guests through photography. Join them