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Capture emotions and engage your audience

Deliver photos in real time on your guest’s smartphones and discover new business opportunities! Using AI technology with facial recognition, each person receives only the photos in which they appear

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How it works

The guest experience

The participant takes a selfie to access their private album

Looks at their personal pictures and promotional content of the event

Downloads and shares their pictures on social networks

How it works

Event organizer

Upload photos

Uploads the event photos to GetPica cloud with a simple drag and drop. GetPica takes care of the rest.

Communicate to guests

Inform the attendees how to access the photos provided by the platform: direct link, QR code or event code.

Maximize the marketing investment for your event

Surprise your guests with a photo delivery solution and unlimited opportunities for engagement with your audience before, during and after the event.

Make every participant feel like a star

Deliver in real time to each participant their photos at the event collected in a personalized album and provide an innovative and engaging experience

Highlight your brand or a sponsor

Deliver promotional photos and videos and customize the album with graphic assets, hashtags and native advertising of the sponsor or your brand.

Acquire and profile the contacts

Activate a data collection form before the user lands on their photo album. You will have obtained a privacy-compliant database in an easy and fast way.

Privacy compliant

GetPica adopts the highest security standards and is GDPR compliant . Each user receives only the photos in which they are portrayed and decides whether and how to share their album.

Measure the success of your event

Monitor the progress of the photo shoot and audience engagement on the confidential dashboard. Reports update you in real time on social shares and leads acquired

Engage your audience and enhance the value of your event. Start now

400+ companies in over 50 countries have chosen GetPica and revolutionized the way magical moments are delivered to guests through photography. Join them